If You Find a $100 On Your Car’s Windshields Leave It Where It Is – This Is Why!

Imagine a situation when you are just out a supermarket and jump in your car and once you start it up you notice a $100 bill placed on your windshields.What would you do? Would you push up your handbrakes and get out to get it? Of course yes.This is a situation when you think that god made you a surprise after spending some bucks in the supermarket.Even it is so good to be true it might happen you any day.All we have to say is that leave it where it is, drive home and then get it because what you will read in this article and see in the video we brought for you today will amaze you.


This is the newest scam that thieves are using to prank every driver and steal their car.We will explain in simple words what can happen to you if you get out of your car and get that $100 bill.With your engine started up and your car door wide open is everything thieves want for you.They will wait for that second you jump out of your car to get it and they will steal your car in a second.Check out the video and see what happens there.Be sure to share it with your friends because this might happen to them as well.


Check it out!


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