This Is What Climbing a 200ft High Dam With a 64-Year-Old Land Rover Looks Like!

Feeling the blood passing fast with high pressure in your veins is now a routine for the most iconic car show hosts like Richard, Jeremy, and James because they have tried everything possible you can do with a car.Do you agree with me? They have tried what driving with 300mph looks like etc.This time they tried to climb a 200ft high dam with a 64-year-old Land Rover.But why? Because, why not? This is not the best answer because this time they tried to bring back an old advertisement Land Rover launched many years ago.Do you remember it?


For those who doesn’t remember it, we will remind it with simple words.A couple of years ago there was a classic Land Rover ad where it managed to climb a 45-degree hydro dam wall.So, Top Gear ex-hosts tried to recreate this old advertisement since they were still part of the show.They added another engine for this attempt to be possible.Check out the video and don’t forget to share it with your friends.Enjoy!


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