Cutting a Car Battery Using a Waterjet – This Is Really Satisfying!

This power shower is called Waterjet and it uses the high-pressure of water to cut through even the roughest thing.So it can cut through car parts, bowling ball,iPhone etc.At least these were some things these guys have cut and uploaded several videos on their youtube channel named “Waterjet Channel”.It has the same purpose as the Hydraulic Press channel, to crush things with a powerful machine.The only thing different is that the machines being used are not the same.Today we check out how they try to cut a car batterie with their Waterjet that has a razor-sharp precision.It is really satisfying watching the machine going through the car battery without any problem.


This is one of those kinds of showers that you must avoid when it comes to your car because it can rip it apart in a minute.Can you imagine the what’s the real pressure it can produce in numbers? 60,000 pounds per square inch (psi).Besides other materials they have destroyed with their Waterjet, we’re sure that they will continue uploading videos of many others and we will try to keep you tuned with their videos.Or be sure to subscribe to their youtube channel and enjoy their show!



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