This D10 Steam Locomotive Is Being Found 100 Later Underwater – It Sank In 1910

The last place that comes to my mind to find an old locomotive is underwater.This is because what in the hell wants a locomotive in a lake.Anyway, today we check out an incredible footage of a D10 steam locomotive being found at the very bottom of Lake Superior.It sank underwater since 1910 and till then it will sit there undisturbed for more than 100 years.A couple of folks found it completely unexpectedly while they headed down the surface to explore for fun.What they found is cool and creepy at the same time.


This very old D10 steam locomotive, CPR 694, was located between Coldwell and Marathon near the Mink Tunnel.According to some comments that we found the youtube video, we understood that they were searching for a bell and it was one of the artifacts they wanted to salvage for a local museum if they could find it.Check out the video and tell us what do you think about in the comment section.Enjoy!


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