This Skilled Girl Can Change a Tire Without Arms! What’s Your Excuse?

Just WOW! We are completely amazed by this motivating video we just found on youtube about a girl, unfortunately without arms, attempting to change a car tire.She thinks changing a tire may be a good exercise for her so she accepts the challenge.Even though she had never done this before, after some guidance from a couple of friends she starts.Personally, I think that this task would be ignored and not accepted by many people even with all their body parts in place.Be sure you follow this amazing girl in her youtube channel Tisha UnArmed and check out her cool videos there.


After you will see her doing it with all the difficulties she faces, we’re sure that you will go in your garage and try to do it yourself.She jacks the car up, remove the nuts roll the tire away and put it back on all without losing a limb.Check out yourself in the video below as this girl will show you her skills.Be sure to share it with your friends as well.Enjoy!

Check it out!